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Tuulikki Suomela

Tuulikki Suomela
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dalekit vs kybermiehet osa 2

Guys please stop cyber bullying it's not funny. This photo is proof of how cyber bullying can affect the daleks.

rakkautta ilmassa

The Amourous Dalek tries again by ~MausuZ on deviantART


As a lot of fans have made jokes about the 2010 daleks looking like power rangers and M&Ms etc, here I have made the yellow one look like Pikachu!

Dalekin joulu

Doctor Who's Dalek Santa is coming to town. you sang it didn't you. Cuz I did

The Christmas will be exterminated!

"Dalek disguised as a Christmas Tree waits to exterminate Santa Claus"~Original pinner. That is just TOO funny. Reminds me of the quote in "Christmas Invasion" "I'm going to get killed by a Christmas tree!