Tuuli Roth

Tuuli Roth

Explorer and adventurer of life – working mom of two little lovelies. "Fixed ideas are like cramp - yet the best remedy is to step on them."
Tuuli Roth
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Easy and fun hanging candy decorations. Put starlite mints, life savers or other hard candies inside cookie cutters. Bake on a cookie sheet until melted together. Poke a hole at top with toothpick. Pop out of cookie cutter and string ribbon through when cool.

Peppermint Candy Christmas Ornaments -These edible ornaments are so simple and thrifty. Use this method to create home decor or use these candies for edible decorating… one peppermint, melted in a tiny cookie cutter, would make a cute cupcake topper!

Sky Planter is a fun way to grow fresh herbs and enjoy flowers, very useful with small kids | Boskke

The Sky Planter Recycled wastes nothing. It doesn’t take up any floor space, it is made from recycled plastic, and its Slo-Flo irrigation system meters out the

Trampoline for everyone, summer or winter, grey and big.

Trampoliini Pro-Line x Combo-paketti

Enchanting abandoned greenhouse

pleoros: “ luxuria by romain veillon, abandon greenhouse lost somewhere in belgium overgrown by vegetation. ” - pleoros: luxuria by romain veillon, abandon.