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This might make life much simpler if I started using it.

INTJ love checklist - add: will you ever force me to dance in public

INTJ - THIS is why I can't articulated what I'm thinking to the damn attending physician. I really don't think in words.

INTJ- A myriad of visual thinking. I can attest to this as an artist and INTJ personality.

fact by - testsonthenet- INTJ Thoughts Ahhh, so thats why no one ever can follow my train of thought.

fact by - testsonthenet- INTJ Thoughts Ahhh, so thats why I have trouble explaining fittingness

From the Facebook group "Social Introverts." https://www.facebook.com/SocialIntroverts

Isolophilia (n): Strong affection for solitude, being alone preferable, social introvert, "I have seen Susan around town in while. Maybe her boyfriend's isolophilia has something to do with it.

The INTJ way.  I'm laughing so hard right now because I cannot deny how true this is!  And just thinking about preparing to make plans is getting me excited.

The INTJ way. I do this, so incredibly often. Plans and preparing, preparing and plans.