Christmas Color by Numbers Worksheets for Kids! Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids!

Christmas Color By Numbers Worksheets

Banana Brain break

Despicable Me 2 -Minions Banana Song I love these guys! I can not help but laugh out loud every time I see this!

solar system art project

solar system art project I would use when teaching about he solar system. I would have students would in groups of and they would create the solar system.

Free Printable Solar System Model for Kids preview

Solar system mobiles: + Crossed sticks Paper spiral Cardboard circle Has to be in right order in distance from sun

Tori's Teacher Tips: Another giveaway and solar system project!

I love this simple way of using brads and paper to teach kiddo how the earth rotates and orbits the sun, and how the moon does, too. Or you can do geocentric and rotate the sun around the earth!

Forest Fun Multiplication Mosaics! 8 Pages of Fun! Color B

Forest Fun Multiplication Mosaics! 8 Pages of Fun! Color By Number

This is a new set of 8 unique Multiplication Mosaics. Students solve each problem and color the picture using a color key. My students LOVE these and beg to do them during math centers.