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Application bajiquan

Baji and Pigua application demonstrations from the annual 'traditional chinese martial arts demonstration day' by Baji Association in Performers .

通备武艺 Tongbei Martial Arts - Baji Quan Applications by Master Li Tianhua

杨露禅 Yang Lu-Chan, Tai chi 1799-1872 According to several accounts, Yang started studying tai chi chuan in the Ch'en family village from Ch'en Chang-hsing in 1820. He then gained permission to teach his own students, including Wu Yu-hsiang and his brothers, of the Imperial Qing dynasty. He became known as Yang the Invincible. In 1850, he taught the Imperial family and their élite Manchu Imperial Guards in the Forbidden City, 1 of whom was Yang's best known non-family student, Wu Ch'uan-yü.

Yang Lu-ch'an is the famous founder of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. He learnt from Chen Changxing and was the first outside the Chen family to learn Tai Chi.