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a drawing of a baby bear with a birthday hat and other items in the background
babydoll clown tattoo
two drawings of bugs and a spider on a white background, one is drawn in blue ink
the letter g is inscribed in cursive writing with a black ink pen on white paper
two flowers are in the middle of a circle with an oval border around it, and one flower is on top of another
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the back of a woman's stomach with stars in her hair and an image of a
a woman's hand with tattoos on it and flowers tattooed on the middle finger
a drawing of two flowers on a piece of paper with chinese characters in the background
a drawing of a tree with leaves on it's trunk and the words in russian above it
a drawing of flowers and leaves on a beige background
Vintage hand-drawn floral illustrations for a modern psychology clinic. Westside Psych
Brand and website design for a high-end psychology clinic in Los Angeles, Westside Psych. This brand has a sophisticated, but approachable look with timeless, modern typography and an illustrated couch logo. This complements the vintage floral pattern and color palette made up of warm shades of sage green, forest green, blush pink, rust orange, and neutrals. The brand is simple, sophisticated, modern, and approachable. #AmarieLaelDesign
a set of nine floral emblems in black and white
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a woman with a cross tattoo on her stomach
a drawing on paper with an intricate design
a chicken and hen tattoo on the arm
a small frog sitting on top of a leaf
a woman's arm with a candle tattoo on the left side of her arm
ash tattoo tattoos on ig
a woman with a tattoo on her arm has an apple and knife in the shape of a heart
two colorful birds on the leg of a woman's legs, one is yellow and the other is blue
a black and white photo of a teapot tattoo