Crown Prince of Nohr: Xander

Fire Emblem Fates Character, a pretty cool Unit, the oldest prince of the nohrian Kingdom and maybe the hottest ever: Prince Xander
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Fire Emblem Fates, Crowns, Prince, Crown

Fire Emblem, Crowns, Prince, Crown

Prince, Crowns, Crown

I feel like Elise would sneak into Xander's and do his hair and makeup while he sleeps 😂😂

Fire Emblem, Crown, Prince, Corona, Crowns

Fire Emblem Fates, Chara, Awakening, Videogames, Fe, Otaku, Knight, Daddy, Crown

Crowns, Prince, Crown

the easter set is too good i blew almost 200 orbs summoning them (fun fact: if you are having issues with summoning your favorite on heroes, just spend almost altogether painstakingly drawing a.

Crowns, Prince, Crown

Ahh I love Marx and I love Nohr! print avaliable Fire Emblem IF: Nohr

Crowns, Prince, Crown

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