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some books are shown with the words, what do we need light? and how do we use light?
Light Unit for 1st Grade - The First Grade Roundup
Unit outline and trade books for learning about light from the Next Gen Science Standards for 1st Grade!
an animated image of a cartoon character with the words five sensees on it's chest
The Five Senses | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids
The Five Senses | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Series For Kids - YouTube
a piece of paper sitting on top of a wooden table next to a plastic bag
Once Upon a Learning Adventure
Melting Matter - changing states of matter with chocolate - kiddos would love this!
the book cover for day and night with two cartoon characters in blue on black background
Day & Night (2010 film) - Wikipedia
Pixar's "Day and Night" short film. I used this today for a first grade science lesson on day sky vs. night sky and it was a PERFECT set. It highlights some of the good things about each to get the wheels turning in their head, and the kids really enjoyed it! I followed it up by a Venn diagram of day and night that we completed as a class.
the gummy bears are arranged on top of each other
Model of meiosis using jelly part of a longer packet which included additional assessments.
a man wearing a red shirt holding a pair of scissors in front of a sign that says magnets how do they work?
Magnets: HOW DO THEY WORK? Well... like this.
io9 : Magnets: How do they work? This is above the grades I am going to teach but it is really neat.
a sign that is on the side of a wall with magnets attached to it
Bulletin Boards Galore!
Science Bulletin Board Ideas | bulletin boards galore the scientific method 3 lovely science boards ...
a bulletin board with different types of rocks and texturals attached to the wall
Rocks (Interactive word wall with realia/attributes). Don't follow the link! But something like this might be good for end of year project
the pumpkin infestation worksheet
Pumpkin Investigation
Pumpkin Investigation
some magnets are attached to the wall in front of a bulletin board with writing on it
How To Make This Teacher's Heart Happy...
Magnet project...great product for station idea
a poster with words written on it that say,'meteologists? '
An Anchor, a Tip... Five for Friday!
A Cupcake for the Teacher: Meteorologist Anchor Chart