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Can't seem to master the art of walking in heels? We've got the perfect guide for you!

Walking in heels can be uncomfortable, but knowing the proper steps to take can ensure a more pleasant experience. Learn 7 Steps How To Walk in Heels.

- EF Christeen 075 - Customer of the Year, as the store banner says. Chris shops often. Given the choice, Chris has opted for being seen as a sweet petticoated little girl. After all, what boy aspires to be seen as a sissy so young?

MB 107 - And her Chris thought it was a baseball uniform he was being fitted for! hardly, with petticoats and a corset to ensure a tiny waist. Chris will be swinging, for sure!

Chris's feminization includes corseting and other less pleasant elements. Yet, when one sees the pretty girl in the portraits on the wall, Aunt Julia knows her efforts are all worthwhile.

EF One more step into the feminine spiders web. Chris has no choice- permanent makeup ends the argument. Note Aunt Julia's pink petticoat just barely peeking out. And the cuffs that await a reluctant Miss Chris.

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Chris can only hope he will soon be dressed more like Susan, although he doesn't ever want to surrender his petticoats.

Christeen is another author that drives me crazy ! At the beauty salon, and prepared to be shown in public ! Shame or pride?