Moomin's Love <3. I loved this as a child during my family's tenure in Japan! Memory is sweet!

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Muumit asustavat täällä Naantalissa. Myös presidentti käy Muumimaassa muutaman kerran kesässä. Kirjottajat Nikke & Veeti

Moomin House, Naantali, Finland photo via iden I didn't think a blue house could be so gorgeous and inviting in the winter.

Pikku Myy, Klein Mü

Little My, from the Moomintroll series. A young woman of determination and action who does not suffer fools gladly

Moomin. Eccentric Finnish hippopotamus looking like trolls. Who can't get behind that?

Los Moomins - pais_de_piruleta

Ahh, images of childhood: The Moomins (or Mumintroll as they are called in Scandinavia): the lovely family of trolls who live in Finland. Illustrated by Tove Jansson, her iconic drawings made the Moomins what it is today. The Moomins are.