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Bushmaster M-4...hear me out. I respect out countries history with guns, our constitutional rights and recreational shooting... Weapons like this are absurd for any one to possess. We are not living in Pakistan,Somalia,Libya, any war torn country that such weapon might be feasible to possess. This weapon was somehow possessed by a mentally unstable 20yr old boy. Why is that ok? Adam Lanza used this "bushmaster m-4" to slaughter tiny lives. Little angels. The terror they must have felt hurts.

For those that do not know bout guns. This is a semi-auto which mean one squeeze of the trigger only one bullet is fired.

Disney ‘Renaissance Era’ concept art as posters

pokyhontas: “sodelightfullydisney: “Disney ‘Renaissance Era’ concept art as posters ” xenomxrph ”

Bad Moonz, Killa Kan, Orks, Warhammer 40,000

Bad Moonz, Killa Kan, Orks, Warhammer 40,000

Now that's what I call a stompah!! - orks 40k, Kustom

I've managed to get the Ork flesh done on the burna boyz and the grots, hopefully I can knock them both out this coming weekend.