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Homemade wooden spring clamps

Homemade wooden spring clamps, made using recycled plywood and a spring from an cheap store bought spring clamp that broke the first time i used it.

Itse tehty puinen astelevy kulmamitta.

Making a homemade wooden protractor combination square out of scraps. Scraps used in this project, a knob from a former router, a angle indicator made from s.

Steampunk lamppu kierrätys projekti

Steampunk Lamp a recycling project

5 euron kirppis löydöt osa 2 Pihdit ja Hohtimet

5 euro flea market finds part 2 Pliers and Pincers

5 euron kirppis löydöt osa 1 Pallopäävasara

5 euro flea market finds part 1 Ball-peen hammer

Tee se itse täyttöaine maalatulle puulle.

Small diy trick i use to plug holes in already painted woodwork projects!

Kissasuojattu kännykkä laturi.

Cat proofing a cell phone charger.

Ristipääruuvimeisselille uusi elämä.

A new life for worn out phillips head screwdrivers. If you have an old useless phillips head screwdriver collecting dust in your toolbox, here is an upcyclin.

Tardis vitriini Doctor who dvd kokoelmalle.

This time i made a TARDIS dvd cabinet from recycled materials. This showcase was for my sisters doctor who dvd collection and as a non client commissioned jo.

Thread tap stand from a soda can and wood

This project was inspired by a soda can i found sometime at when i was filming my ride home. The video shows the build without an explanation but i induced it in.

Puusta valmistettu gopro tai sj5000 kameran kiinnike.

Making a wooden Gopro or cam mount

From a sodacan to a rack for my thread taps - Recycle project

The other day on my way home from my workshop i found a soda can and decided to use it for a woodworking project. I didn't really have a proper plan, just dr.

Näin valmistuu sisustuskyltit malli 1

Näin valmistuu sisustuskyltit malli 1

Kyltti verstaan seinälle | Making a sign for my workshop wall

In this video i'm making a wooden sign for my workshop wall.

Näin valmistuu sisustuskirjaimet malli 1

Näin valmistuu sisustuskirjaimet malli 1