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a basket filled with pine cones and lit candles
19 Enchanted DIY Autumn Decorations To Fall For This Season
19 Enchanted DIY Autumn Decorations to Fall For This Season
someone using a hair dryer to make a wreath out of sticks and yarns
Make a twig and pom pom starburst wreath— It's practically free!
two pictures of some grass on top of a wooden floor with the caption in russian
Start A Fire
DIY Twig Wreath ~ Shape heavy rusty wire into a 4" circle (old wire coat hanger or use small wreath form). Collect twigs, make bundles using more wire - leave enough wire to fasten to circle. Trim bottoms so bundles are about 6" or 7" long. Make 15 or 20 bundles (this wreath took 17). Attach bundles one at a time, laying them horizontal with the wire frame & overlapping each.
the hands are holding different types of bracelets with numbers and symbols on them, along with instructions for how to tie them
DIY Christmas wreaths - 17 Simple Christmas wreath decorating ideas
minimalistisc christmas wreath with pink ribbon
20 best diy wreaths, spring and summer wreaths for the front door
DIY Spring and Summer Wreaths | A Helicopter Mom
20 Gorgeous DIY Wreaths..
a wreath hanging on the side of a door with pink flowers and greenery in it
Hempeä kanervakranssi
Belle Époque Wedding Diary: Hempeä kanervakranssi
a red wreath hanging on the side of a wooden building next to green leaves and plants
Nyt on komean pihlajanmarjakranssin aika – katso ohje!
Nyt on mahdottoman hyvä pihlajanmarjavuosi. Puut notkuvat raskaina punaisista marjoista. Tee niistä upea kranssi tai pakasta terttuja vaikka...
three chairs with wreaths on them sitting in front of a brick wall
Havukranssi havutähti havupallo
two hands are holding small pine branches with green tape on them and one hand is holding a pencil
Tee havukranssi oveen
Vehreät havutyöt antavat talven juhlakauteen pehmeyttä ja kauneutta. Katso Meidän Talon ohjeet ja tee itse havukranssi tai havukolmio oveen.
a christmas wreath hanging on the side of an old door with red ribbon and bow
Suvikumpu: Havutyöt
a white wreath with flowers and ribbon hanging on a blue wooden door, decorated with lace
Valkoinen Paperipitsikranssi
Pajupirtti: Valkoinen Paperipitsikranssi
a wreath with a bow hanging from it
Tee itse vehnäkranssi