Suur-Suomen kartta, sen maakunnat, kaupungit, rataverkko ja sotavoimien sijoituspaikat.

An alternative outcome for Finland if the Finno-Soviet wars and World War II had gone differently

Opettele uudella tavalla euroopan valtiot ja niiden sijainnit. UPEA!!

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The land ceded to the Soviet Union by Finland at the end of the Winter War in 1939. (in red). This ceded territory totaled around ten percent of Finland's land area and twenty percent of its industrial capacity.

Areas ceded by Finland to the Soviet Union after the Winter War in 1940 and the Continuation War in The Porkkala land lease was returned to Finland in Finland covered an area of approximately sq mi) before the handover


In in the midst of October Revolution in Russia, Finland declares independence. The Finnish maiden by an unknown artist, 1906

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners *** Armi Kuusela (born 20 August 1934), Miss Universe 1952. ***

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners So Far In History - Armi Kuusela from Finland, 1952

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