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Pargas is located in South West Finland, between Helsinki and Stockholm, with an easy and fast access to Turku. It is a dynamic town with a population of 15 500.
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FINLAND, Parainen

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Parainen, Finland

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PK0393. Parainen - Pargas. Suomi. Finnland.Parainen is a part of Länsi-Turunmaa on Islands, with a sound flowing through the centrum.

Parainen Church was dedicated to St. Simon, and was built in the beginning of the 14th century.

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Parainen, picture taken by my husband.

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Parainen / Postikortti70

Parainen, Snäckviken. Kuva otettu sumuisena aamuna, lokakuu_2010, kuvaaja Terhi Niittyaro-P.

Parainen. Nötö, Nauvo, Finland

Turku - Stockholm, a view from my worktable. FInland.

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