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* Please specify which reading you would like to get. I am currently offering 3-month guidance readings, 6-month guidance readings, and 9-month guidance readings. All of the readings are intuitive and in-depth.  All these readings include additional oracle card(s) pulls. Be sure to take notes!!


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Old money vibes, aesthetic and lifestyle 
French decor inspo
Renascence and baroque paintings art and aesthetic 
Palais Garnier, Opera Paris, Museums and monuments in Paris
Paris and France travel journal ideas and aesthetic wallpaper
Travel photos inspo
European summer vacation and holiday trip ideas, tips and photo inspo
Instagram story and posts 
Tumblr aesthetic background wallpaper
an afternoon at the Opera ☆ Paris travel, art and aesthetic background wallpaper
a woman standing in front of a pool surrounded by palm trees and potted plants
Dinero infinito
Dinero infinito
a bag filled with lots of money sitting on top of a bed covered in plastic
Come fwm and fasho you gonna eat Sayles and TapN for ya linkable for cash app & Apple Pay 💰
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