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Visual skills

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Графические диктанты скачать бесплатно | Аналогий нет


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päästään harjoittelemaan monipuolisesti ja lapsia motivoivasti. Pupunkorvaharjoitus: Harjoitus tehdään ensin niin,


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Tangram à imprimer et découper avec 8 modèles d'animaux


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Mitä yhteistä on murtoluvulla ja jakolaskulla?
Desimaalilukujen vähennyslasku, osa 2.


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Pin Von Rafael Süß Auf Schule | Arbeitsblatt Für Kinder Im 65D
This would be great to post in the block center/Lego tub to see what letters kids could make!


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students keep on desks, throughout the day call out "time check" and students record the time....really gets the kids to be able to read a clock!
Sunflower Clock


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Place Value...cute
Teaching Significant Figures?     Place Value War- website has lots of engaging activities

Number Skills

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Divertidos  rompecabezas Puzzles numéricos 1 AL 10 para trabajar esta navidad

Number Line Puzzles

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Money Library Pockets- TEACCH
1 euro betalen ,prettig als je begint met geld rekenen


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Metriek stelsel; dit is leuk!
volume poster

Measuring & Conversions

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Geoboard patterns
geoboard picture card ideas!


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Grudgeball.. a Review Game and other great games in the comments. Where was this when I was student teaching!
Upper Elementary "War" bundle. Review decimals, fractions, large numbers, multiplication and division through math card games. Includes 55 different games. Bundled set save 20% #math #education #lifeovercs #cardgames #war #placevalue #fractions #division #multiplication #multiplicationfacts #division #divisionfacts #comparing #inequalities
45 math games using dice a well a many links to a variety of printable dice.


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Fraction basketball: students roll a dice to see how many times each person will "shoot" then record shots made as a fraction. Person with the biggest fraction wins.
Fraction bingo game with 30 pre-made cards.  Print and laminate the cards.  Have students use dry erase markers to write the fraction on top of each fraction circle.  Students then check each others cards in small groups and then it's BINGO time!  Engaging activity for a fraction introduction or review. $$
fraction learning game


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algebra Something like this could be cool for our algebra unit. Only WAY easier!!
Middle School Math Madness!: Combining Like Terms Puzzles
Type in your algebra problem and this software shows you how to get the answer...LIFESAVER


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Exercise Smalltable - Drawers - 1-10 Series - Numbers 1-100, #one male ... #image ...  #drawers #exercise #image #numbers #series #smalltable

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division

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Formulator Tarsia -create your own math puzzles


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the printable puzzle is shown with different colors and shapes
an image of a game board with different colors and shapes on the page, which is also
a white sheet with different shapes and lines drawn on it, along with four squares
a monster race game with numbers and dices
Fun Games 4 Learning: Freebies FB1
Fun Math Worksheets For 4th Grade | Division Worksheets
the worksheet to learn how to use clothes for children's clothing and numbers
several different colored butterfly shaped tags on a white table cloth with numbers in the middle
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Eskarimatikka: Tulosta tikku-ukkojen mallikortit PDF hahmottamisen harjoitteluun
Eskarimatikka Hahmottaminen
an art project with different colored circles and squares on white paper, which are cut out into
Kit Pedagógico Cubo Mágico No Elo7 93F
four squares with different shapes on them and one has an orange, green, blue, and yellow dot
Puzzleteile Einsetzen In 2021 74C
the pattern is made up of squares, dots and rectangles to make it look like
Therapiematerial – Seite 3 – tinasblumenwiese
an image of different shapes and sizes on the white paper with colored circles around them
Mai 2021 – Seite 2 – tinasblumenwiese
the alphabet and numbers for each letter are shown in this printable worksheet
Pin by Linka 91 on koncentracja / concentration activities | Visual perception activities, Kids learning activities, Math activities preschool
Pin by VERDUYN on koncentracja / concentration activities | Visual perception activities, Kids learning activities preschool, Math for kids
the worksheet shows how to draw an object in three different colors and shapes
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