santa and cole lights

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Tripode by Santa & Cole/ Ameico at Urban Lighting Inc.

A big floor lamp that provides lots of light up out of its top can work wonders in a space. Look for lamps with dense shades on the sides so they primarily light up and down, rather than sideways.

TMM Floor by Santa & Cole/Ameico at Urban Lighting Inc.

The Santa & Cole TMM Floor Lamp was created by Miguel Milá for leading Spanish design house Santa + Cole.Santa + Cole sells its modern and stylish products in o

TMM Mesa Floor by Santa & Cole, available at

Floor lamps TMM santa and cole miguel milá

Dianna Series by Santa & Cole available at

Based on the tabletop models, the Diana standard lamp and the Diana Mayor retain the firmness and clarity that characterize this family.

Morragas Table by Santa & Cole available at

Morragas Table by Santa & Cole available at

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