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the bark of a tree is green and brown
Sycamore Tree Bark by Hkuchera, via Flickr
some white and red plants on the ground with moss growing out of it's leaves
Cladonia by Nadezda Karaseva / 500px
Cladonia (cup lichen) is a genus of moss-like lichens in the family Cladoniaceae
a painting of a woman sitting in the middle of a forest surrounded by trees and bushes
Some of my illustrations are featured in the latest issue of Art of the Blue, along with a written part where I tell a bit about myself and my work. If you want to check it out, just go to...
a blueprint drawing of a circular machine
Eccentric for Locomotive Machine Drawing 1910s Vintage Industrial Print Engineering Drawings Blueprint Art Plan Gift Home - Etsy UK
Eccentric For Locomotive Machine Drawing 1910s Vintage industrial Print Engineering Drawings blueprint Art Plan Gift Home
an abstract painting with various colors and shapes
Damien Tran - Selected Works • MAYBE OKAY
Damien Tran is a French screen print artist, based in Berlin, Germany. He produces screen print books, gig posters and art prints.
a blueprint drawing of a machine with gears and wheels on it's side
Creating Civilizations
In the civilizations I have created there are complexes where thought is explored Individuals intermingle and examine how a small dot draws focus or a flash of light excites Entire atmospheres can be constructed when it is understood what information activates each of the infinite aspects of the mind
an architectural drawing with lines, dots and other things in the background that are connected to each other
An entry from paper architecture
Strange Attractors by Robert Saywitz.
an old drawing of gears on a blackboard
Gears Patent Print
You will love this unique archive print of a 1912 Gears Assembly patent, presented as a vintage industrial or steampunk style drawing. It is part of our curated collection of the most unique, novel an
an old drawing of a machine that is in black and white
(Mechanical Engineering Drawing Wolseley Motor 120 HP 8 cylinders Vintage Print) #bike #bike #drawing
an architectural drawing of the corner section of a building, with measurements for each section
Gallery of Gardening center / Architekti DRNH - 24
Image 24 of 29 from gallery of Gardening center / Architekti DRNH. Detail 1