Raspberry Epifanía

Raspberry Epifanía

Washington DC / Just another sleepless and coffee addicted soul... Vivo atrapada en mi propia realidad.
Raspberry Epifanía
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“らくがき 光学応用装備を脱ぐ”

antennae armor black_eyes black_hair brown_background cable cyberpunk energy_gun helmet highres holding long_hair looking_at_viewer mecha original panties power_armor power_suit science_fiction solo sukabu tube twintails underwear undressing weapon zipper

The end of normal : Photo

Mad max was amazing I loved that film. The world really felt lived in. Also reminded me a lot of Sophie Campbell’s work in places.

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Japanese illustrator Akiya Kageichi, who also goes by the handle “Golden Gravel”, draws nicely .