Asian Sensation

Mouth watering dishes from the east
30 Pins
some food is on a metal rack with a small bowl of dipping sauce next to it
Chinese Vegetable Spring Roll
an assortment of meats and vegetables on a table with bowls, spoons and utensils
The ‘Three Hots’ of Chongqing, China
Chongqing Chinese hot pot
a white bowl filled with meat and vegetables on top of a blue and white table cloth
Mongolian Beef. #food #Asian #dinner
a plate of food with chopsticks on the side
Pad Thai.
several pieces of meat hanging from hooks in a kitchen
San Francisco - Peking Duck
San Francisco - Peking Duck
a white plate topped with meat covered in sauce
Peking duck in... Peking!
several trays filled with different types of food on sticks and skewered vegetables
street food in Beijing. Probably at Wangfujing
two starfishs are on the grill with some skewers in front of them
starfish satay at beijing wangfujing street
several skewered food items on sticks in front of a red wall
scorpion - Picture of Wangfujing Street, Beijing - Tripadvisor
Wangfujing Street scorpion - Picture of Wangfujing Street, Beijing - TripAdvisor A sample of the "delights" on offer at Snack Street (Wangfujing Street)
meat is being prepared in an oven for consumption
Pechino, Leccornie sulla Wangfujing Snack Street, di Davide Filippini
Street Food, Wangfujing, Beijing Ideas, Indonesia, Food Truck, Food Cart, Beijing China, Fast Food, China Travel
Street Food, Wangfujing, Beijing
a bowl of soup with chopsticks on the side
Asian Food: Photo
Asian Food: Photo
sushi is arranged on a white platter with sunflowers and daisies
dumplings are sitting on a white plate covered in plastic wrap
How to make Dim Sum Shrimp Dumplings, Ha Gow Recipe, Har Gow, Hagow, Har Kau, Har Gao
I know they look weird, but this is my favorite Chinese Food/Dim Sum item of all time! Shrimp Dumplings (Har Gow/Siu Mai)
a woman eating noodles from a bowl with a pink paper fan over her head and holding chopsticks in front of her face
Fantasy Themed Restaurants
Alice in Wonderland and The Vampire Cafe #themed #restaurants