who was this girl who walked in silence? why she was ______ the Queen of the Forest and all its living things (the antlers you see on her head were given to her graciously by the deer whom she had saved).

by Lilly Waters

'Black sunday' 2013 Black Sunday uncovers the unsettling and beautiful similarity between wild women and wolves, both relational by nature and intensely.


-mother nature- the dark side-Woodland domain. Not as fantasy but I like the full length black dress and forest

so , i love this hairstyle, maybe with a tad less bird skull. but still at least one bird skull ;) maybe with flowers in the eye sockets to tie it in to the theme!

Tim Burton & Lisa Marie

Tim Burton and Lisa Marie Photo: Mary Ellen Mark I love how Tim had this bland expression and is just holding the umbrella

The Shaman intuitively understands and applies the natural and universal laws. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm.