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Workwear / Apron

Work apron designed for the organization of common objects across a wide range of industries and fields of use.Fabricated and sewn by yours truly.

Knitting Decorative Edge You Will Love | CrochetBeja

This knitting decorative edge is a popular project because it beautifies objects and accessories. Watch this tutorial to learn this knitting edge.

Herringbone Twist Ear Warmer - MJ's off the Hook Designs

Crochet Ear Warmer. Free crochet video to make herringbone twist ear warmer. Comes in child and adult size. Herringbone dc crochet stitch.


Посты по теме «SCHEMOS MEZGINIAMS», добавленные пользователем Liepa Sujeta на Постилу

Wood Nymph

Wood Nymphs are magical beings that live in the forests and woodlands. This sock pattern incorporates a lovely leaf lace stitch inspired by such creatures.

Trousse de Brodeuse - Petits points au jardin xxx

Me voici de retour , et je suis ravie de vous retrouver après 3 semaines de vacances; très peu de broderie pendant mon séjour en Bretagne, mais je peux quand même vous montrer la Trousse de Brodeuse de Jour de Lin : Les explications claires, précises...

Matterhorn Sox

The ‘Matterhorn Sox’ are a sock knitting pattern which include colourwork details on the leg and foot inspired by the Matterhorn, my favourite mountain here in Switzerland. The mountain has an iconic pyramid shape which has been an inspiration to many and even been used to create the shape of the chocolate Toblerone bar!

Органайзер для круговых, чулочных спиц и крючков. Описание работы и схемы. - Страна Мам

Материалы : Ткань №1 (лицевая сторона) 30см*48 см ( уменя вельвет) Ткань №2 (внутренняя сторона + вкладыш-разворот) 30 см*82 см (веселенкий ситчик)

Fine lace socks / Fine Blondesokker

Vær oppmerksom på at det legges til 25% MVA for norske kunder.

Ten Tips for Knitting Socks

When I say summer knitting, do you say, 'Socks!'? I do, too. I have a pair of footies on the needles, and yarn for another pair, too. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I want to get several pairs of footies so they'll be ready for Dansko-wearing in the fall. I'm well on my way with two pairs completed. I just need to finish the toes. Hopefully I'll do enough grafting this summer so that the technique will stick in my head. I feel like I'm doing it for the first time, every time. Ann Budd's…

Taas hirvet törmäilevät

Taas on tarvetta lahjoa mieshenkilöä, joka saavuttaa piakkoin peräti 90. vuoden kunnioitettavan iän. Ja mikäs sen parempi lahja kuin kunnon villasukat varsinkin leskimiehelle, jonka vaimo ei ole enää pitkään aikaan ollut kutomassa miehelleen sukkia. Niinpä tikutin hirvisukat. Oma mallini kirjoneulesukat hirvikuvioin Koko 43-44, varren korkeus n. 24 cm kantapään yläreunasta mitattuna Langat 7veikkaa ja menekki yhteensä 140 g Silmukoita 60, puikot 3.5 mm Hirvisukat on minulle hyvinkin tuttu…

Knitting needles roll tutorial

This roll is made for total 75 knitting needles 20 cm/8 in. long. Seam allowances (1 cm/3/8 in.) are already included in measurements...


Mitt första mellanprojekt var en liten rätstickad kofta med spetsmönster. Mönstret har jag fått från dödergök, hon använder det...

Fair Isle Socks Size 38/39 - Knitted Socks in Nordic Fair Isle Patterns

Show your feet... Fair Isle socks in warm earth colours Warm colors and Nordic design with love entangled in many small patterns - these socks are an absolute eye-catcher for the dark season and a "good mood" accessory for cold feet throughout the year. Beautiful knitted socks made of branded yarns - sock yarn by Regia, Filcolona, Lana Grossa and others My socks are absolutely unique pieces, because patterns and colours are individually created from many colours and wool balls in the Jaquard…

Blue Mountain / DROPS Extra 0-817 - Gratis strikkeoppskrifter fra DROPS Design

DROPS jakke i ”Alaska” med mønster og sjalskrage. Str S - XXXL