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a drawing of a woman with white hair and horns on her head, wearing a cat ear
Lol what is patience? She's done, I'm in love. I am psyched to have another piece ready for @pancakesandbooze Hopefully I can pump out a…
four different types of faces with the words facial proportionss on them and an image of two
People have been asking me a lot about how to draw faces again so I thought I'd post my old facial proportions tutorial. As always this is average proportions for people struggling with the basics and I'm in no way saying there's only one way to draw a face. If you go outside these basic rules you can create all kinds of awesome unique faces, but as they say, you have to know the rules to know how to break them :3 So hopefully this is helpful to some of you! #tutorial #proportions #...
a black and white drawing of a young man with his eyes closed, wearing a hoodie
I feel like i didnt do him justice but i got a lot of good feedback on twitter sooooooo i decide to post it here too 😂 #MassimoHugo
a pencil drawing of a young man with short hair
32 ideas baby boy drawing design reference
a pencil drawing of a woman's face
PORTRAIT DRAWING... one of the best face sketches I've seen in a long time! #HumidPeach #Art #FaceSketch #DrawingFaces
a pencil drawing of a woman's face
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a pencil drawing of a girl with freckles on her face and shoulders, looking to the side