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Veera Suomalainen
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Design Process Flowchart.

During the thinking process, we always expand our ideas and tend to lost original direction. To bring back the focus, this chart is a guide to set designer’s thinking back to intended direction.

Putting Design Thinking into Action, the 5 phases of the design process ~ IDEO

Divergence Convergence in the process: "A hybrid elaboration and reduction workflow bolted onto a design process. The ideation and experimentation phases are the design phase (see double diamond design method)"

Gamification Model Canvas.

Gamification Model Canvas is an agile, flexible and systematic tool, to help find and evaluate solutions based on game design and to ultimately develo

Design Thinking

[design thinking service] design thinking is a means of problem-solving that focuses on innovation, collaboration, creativity, ethical decision-making, and—of course—optimism: all hallmarks of a century education

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Persona Template, for user-centered design process As I’ve been writing up my design process, I’ve been creating some more tools and templates. Here is one for the ‘scoping’ and ‘understanding’ part.