Tove Jansson Moomin summer Madness watch the puppets of this the other day

We have picked out the best artwork by Tove Jansson from the to the and reprint them as high quality posters. Decorate your home or give a poster as

tove jansson

The Dangerous Journey Tove Jansson ~ originally published 1977 as Den farliga resan reissued in the UK by Sort of Books, 2010 After seei.

The best hats are top hats. | 50 Lessons That Moomins Can Teach You About Life

The adventurous Moominpappa, with his top hat and seafaring nature, was based on Jansson’s storm-chasing father.

Tove Jansson

2007 Suomi Finland stamp of Moomin cooking on a campfire postmarked in 2008 on a great dog postcard!

Hunting of the snark (Lewis Carrol) by Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson, The Hunting of the Snark As a kid, I was simultaneously fascinated and scared by the moomins.