Happy Cabin

Happy Cabin - A wooden figure standing and watching a people coming and going to spend their free days in a fjeld of Iso-Syote

Värttö Riverside - A violet moment in the Oulu winter

Oulujoki at night by VeHaPhoto Oulu Snow beautiful beauty city cold colorful colors finland forest frosty light night reflection ri


Auttiköngäs - One of Finland's most magnificent waterfalls in peaceful Taiga forest an hour from Rovaniemi.

Snow Pillars

Snow Pillars - There can be severals thousands kilograms of snow load in the trees during the winter and sometimes trees breaks under the pressure.

Winter Bay

Winter Bay by VeHaPhoto trees sky forest winter water reflection cold river travel blue night light tree beautiful white sno

Red Lunar

Red Lunar

Trails in the Snow

Trails in the Snow - A morning shot from the Finnish forest of the Iso-Syöte. In the snow there is an evidence of the life in the extremes conditions.

Pillars of Light - Halo phenomenon is Kempele

Pillars of Light - Halo phenomenon in Kempele. A light pillar is an atmospheric optical phenomenon in the form of a vertical column of light

Beauty Dam in Autti

This small dam can be found from Autti village nearby Rovaniemi, Finland.

Kemijoki River View at Juotasniemi

Kemijoki is the longest river in Finland, 550 km. This photo has been taken km from Gulf of Botnia where the river merges to sea.

Lightsabers of Jedi Giants

Lightsabers of Jedi Giants - Light pillar halos in the Winter are sometimes very strong and looks a little bit like giant lightsabers.

Silent Guardian

Wind mill with Northern Lights

Painted Sky

Spectacular Northern Lights show October 2015 visible in Oulu area.

Window to Wilderness

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