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Photoscapes by Veijo

Auttiköngäs, that beauty | Photoscape by Veijo

Auttiköngäs - One of Finland's most magnificent waterfalls in peaceful Taiga forest an hour from Rovaniemi. It is worth to visit there!

Snow Pillars

Snow Pillars | Photoscape by Veijo

Snow Pillars - There can be severals thousands kilograms of snow load in the trees during the winter and sometimes trees breaks under the pressure.

Trails in the Snow

Trails in the Snow | Photoscape by Veijo

Trails in the Snow - A morning shot from the Finnish forest of the Iso-Syöte. In the snow there is an evidence of the life in the extremes conditions.

Winter Bay

Winter Bay | Photoscape by Veijo

Winter Bay - Frosty trees. Boats waiting summer. River getting steadily frozen. Nature dead silent. Yep, that's winter. Definitely.

Värttö Riverside - A violet moment in the Oulu winter

Värttö Riverside | Photoscape by Veijo

Värttö Riverside - A violet moment in the Oulu winter. A cold and breezing evening was perfect to take this shot in Värttö beach.

Pillars of Light - Halo phenomenon is Kempele

Pillars of Light | Photoscape by Veijo

Pillars of Light - Halo phenomenon in Kempele. A light pillar is an atmospheric optical phenomenon in the form of a vertical column of light

Lightsabers of Jedi Giants

Lightsabers of Jedi Giants | Photoscape by Veijo

Lightsabers of Jedi Giants - Light pillar halos in the Winter are sometimes very strong and looks a little bit like giant lightsabers.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon | Photoscape by Veijo

Blue Moon photographed in Kempele 28 December 2015.

A Way to Road

A Way to Road | Photoscape by Veijo

A Way to Road: Summer moment in the village of Juotasniemi

Silent Guardian

Silent Guardian | Photoscape by Veijo

Wind turbine stands silently and watches flaming sky. Photo taken: 6th October 2015 in Oulunsalo, Finland

Beauty Dam in Autti

Beauty Dam in Autti | Photoscape by Veijo

This small dam can be found from Autti village nearby Rovaniemi, Finland.

Kemijoki River View at Juotasniemi

Kemijoki River View | Photoscape by Veijo

Kemijoki is the longest river in Finland, 550 km. This photo has been taken ~200 km from Gulf of Botnia where the river merges to sea.

Curtains of Sun

Curtains of Sun | Photoscape by Veijo

Northern lights over Lauttaranta, Oulu 6th October 2015