Wind Power meets Sun Flux

Wind Turbine and Northern Lights background


Reflection - behind it may hide the whole world of mysteries and wonders. See through it and you suddenly have idea of eternity.


Embers - The Hot Wood! Glowing medicine against arctic cold breeze.

Firework Creature

Firework creature: My weirdest firework photo ever.

Above Orange - Clouds in Oulu Sky 2015

Above Orange - Afterglow Clouds in Oulu Sky 2015

Clouds & Ligths

Northern Lights and clouds 4 hour time lapse. Recorded in Kempele, Finland November 2015

Waiting Better Times

…Sometimes it is just better to wait that rain ends…

Scattered Weave

“Silk-thin silver strings woven cleverly into a lair, An intricate entwining of divinest thread… Like strands of magic worked upon the air, The spider spins his enchanted web – His home so eerily, spiraling spreads.