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Ghost Town outside of Nipton , California

Take a tour thru some of the last buildings standing of the old west, right outside Nipton, Calif.

The short stretch of the Interstate 64 between Nipton, California, and Searchlight, Nevada, is known as the Joshua Tree Highway, and you'll find the landscape here dotted with them.

Forget paying the entry fee for Joshua Tree National Park – there are other places to see these weir.

O Senhor do Tarot... Cartas de Tarot inspiradas em O Senhor dos Anéis.

The Lord of the Rings tarot deck by Scieth Ailm is rather good. The Russian artist is generous with her work, giving goodies like geeky calendars away for free on her Deviant Art page.

Carcharoth was ravaging all living beings on the borders of Doriath, in a crazed fit because of the burning jewel in his stomach. And so Beren, Thingol, Huan the Hound of Valinor, Mablung of the Heavyhand and Beleg Strongbow went out with other Elves to defeat the beast. In this Beren was assaulted by the wolf. Huan then leaped to his aid and killed the beast, but died soon after from mortal wounds, by his friend Beren's side. Then Beren was carried to Doriath where he died in Lúthien's arms

The Lord of the Rings - Ted Nasmith Art - The Silmarillion - 'Huans' Leap'

Beleg and Turin

Beleg and young Túrin. Beleg Strongbow was a Sindarin Elf who served in the…

Sauron and Morgoth - War of Wrath

This is funny because sauron wasn't around when the war of wrath happened. He feared morgoth's wrath because he let luthien and beren take over The tower of the werewolves, formerly known as minas tirith. (Not the white one in gondor)

Phobs on Tumblr. 'Headcanon time War of Wrath coming to the end, Olorin faces Sauron on a threshold of Angband'

Headcanon time War of Wrath coming to the end, Olorin faces Sauron on a threshold of Angband. Art by Phobs. Absolutely epic - I've always been intrigued by the Maiar, and I've always wondered how they related to one another during times of war.