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there are many bikes hanging on the wall
Brick/merchandising/visual interest
there are many bikes that are on display in the store and it is nice to see
Bike Passion bikeshop located in Almkerk, The Netherlands. Home of Baum, Fondriest, Neilpryde and others.
the inside of a coffee shop with various items on display
several shelves filled with different types of purses and handbags, including bags and bicycles
Shinola TriBeCa NYC Store - A Sneak Peak Inside Photo • Selectism
Shinola TriBeCa New York City flagship store More
a bike is on display in a store with wooden floors and brick walls, along with leather couches
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there is a bike that is on display in the room with many other things around it
Fabbrica della Bici
Beautiful. I love unpainted plywood rooms and bicycles.. - JK
the inside of a bike shop with many bicycles hanging from the ceiling and various tables
people thought I was nuts when I wanted to open a bicycle coffee shop
there is a bike mounted to the wall in this living room with wood flooring
Bike store
there are many bikes and bicycles in this shop
Track Bike Shop, Copenhagen, Denmark Not into the walls, but I like the simple rim display
there is a bike that is on the table in front of some stairs and bikes
The Wheelhouse: Bringing Together Bicycles and Coffee
The Wheelhouse is a full service bicycle shop and barista-led coffee shop in Los Angeles' Arts district that aims to bring people together.
a man is standing behind the counter in a coffee shop with shelves and pictures on the wall
London's newest bike shop is a stylish stunner
London's newest bike shop is a stylish stunner
there is a bike hanging from the ceiling in this shop with many items on display
Factory Five Bike Shop | Linehouse
Factory 5 bike shop, Shanghai, 2014 - LINEHOUSE
a living room filled with furniture and a bike mounted to the wall above it's headboard
Standert Bicycles
Standert Bicycles Shop & CaféPhotos by Constantin Gerlach More