I love BTS💗 I also listen to EXO, Blackpink, Big Bang, 2ne1 and Seventeen
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bobby, Ikon, and kpop image

Hanbin, you are fine as fuck! Don't ever think you need to be better looking. I'd love to tell him about the time I daydreamed about him at work after seeing Running Man. If he only knew.

Can I have Yoongi's legs please? Wow... that sounded creepier than I mean it to.

Can I have Yoongi's legs please? but I mean look at them😊 I meant Yoonmin, and not Suga's legs😳

yoonmin, need i say more? #bts

yoonmin, need i say more? my friend actually does this in class and her bitch ass still hasn’t been caught. I’ve been caught once looking at a video of J-hope hip thrusting in school😂

#iKON #Bobby SBS Inkigayo comeback stage

here come on don't be shy ur gonna find more handsome boys when u enter the world of kpop *hugs bias* *glares* shouts stay away from him!