Painted floor.

Talk about a DIY project! Wow and DOUBLE WOW! Custom Hand Painted floor in beautiful teals and blues. An awesome update to old worn floors to make it fresh and exciting either free-hand or via stencils.

DIY : dramatic stencils on wood floors

DIY: Dramatic Floor Stencils

DIY: Dramatic Floor Stencils oh my gosh, would Totally do for my first house. Because my first house will most definitely end up being a DIY project.

Moroccan mosaic tilework by Daniel Gilbey, via Dreamstime…something unique for our small bathroom, look great with all white everything else.

Moroccan mosaic tile work by Daniel Gilbey, This looks like one piece of art that Emily would create. I say this because she likes the patterns Muslim artwork. She told Amir she loves Moroccan tiles , everything that's in a Matisse.

Painted on a wood floor

I want floors this vibrant. Maybe not the carpet, like this, but a painted floor perhaps. Just love the bright colors. (Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan Photo) – Home Decor

Beautiful scurting board natural wood edging

Base board or back splash out of old chewed up barn wood. No more scrubbing white base board

alisaburke: painted deck project

As many of you know, I LOVE to paint walls, LIKE A LOT and after painting numerous walls (and other large surfaces), I've pulled together some of the best tips and tricks that I can offer!

Cuisine blanche Fog COOKE & LEWIS - CASTORAMA

We like the floor idea, not the shape but the concept tres doux les couleurs pour notre maison