Verna Tähtinen

Verna Tähtinen

Verna Tähtinen
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:Illustration:Gallery:Concept: by J.A.W. Cooper

supersonicart: “ “Twice Told Tales” at Flower Pepper Gallery. This weekend at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena, California will present the group show “Twice Told Tales.” The show revolves around art.

"Prowl" - J.A.W. Cooper

I had two new works in Spoke Art gallery's "The Moleskine Project III" which opened this past Thursday Dec Below are the pieces .

Magazine - The 5th Annual Supersonic Invitational

supersonicart: “ JAW Cooper for The Annual Supersonic Invitational. Brand new, gorgeous work entitled “Night Mare” by artist JAW Cooper for the Annual Supersonic Invitational Group Show which opens on Saturday, January 2016 at Spoke Art.

Samuli Heimonen - Jump

Samuli Heimonen is a Finnish artist who creates thought provoking figurative paintings with elements of the surreal and a very strong sense of narrative.