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Double Stuf Oreo Cake
If you’re an Oreo fan, you’ll DEVOUR this cake. It has a few different steps and layers, but they’re all easy! I started with a cookies n cream cake base and has layers of chocolate mousse, Oreo crunch, and a sweet and tasty cookies n cream frosting. I’ll give you a few ideas on how to simplify this as well!
a woman standing in front of a table filled with ice creams and desserts
Deborah Trette on Instagram: "hey, what’s the scoop? 🍦💭 set up the yummiest ice cream bar social to celebrate my 9 year old! It was so extra, extra fun! 🔗 under @shop.ltk + amazon +ice cream +toppings +@torani drizzles +waffle, sugar and cake cones +bows & spoons perfect for summer and memorial weekend! save and share! 💫 +"
Brownie Bite Cake Pucks!
Which is it? Care-uh-mel or car-mul? Full recipe for the toffee centers in my last video 🥰 #cakepucks #bentycakes #sugarbowlbakery #browniebites #carmel #bakingtherapy
homemade pear tart on a white plate with slices cut out and the text overlay reads, homemade pear tart
Homemade Pear Tart Recipe - The Recipe Critic
This pear tart is as delicious as it is gorgeous! It has a perfectly flaky crust topped with sliced pears and covered with a delightful brown sugar crumb topping.
there is a cake decorated with many different things
Delish cakes on Instagram: "Our newest Taylor swift design 🤍 went out this weekend #delishcakes630 #delishcakes #taylorswiftbirthdayparty #birthdaypartyera #cake #swifties"
edible flower pot
Grow your own cake, with a pot that's edible! 🪴 Great Idea! 📸 @beautyanddasweetz . #cupcakes #cakes #bakery #dessert #cheesecake #baking #instacake #cupcake #pastry #chocolatecake #cakedecorating #cakestagram #growth #sweet #sweettooth #birthdaycake
peanut butter brittle cookies are stacked on top of each other with the words, buttery peanut brittle
Extra Buttery Peanut Brittle
Peanut Brittle is a holiday classic but it’s made even better when you add extra butter to the recipe. Making Peanut Brittle can be a daunting task but follow these keys to success and you’ll pull it off every single time! | Buttery Peanut Brittle | Classic Peanut Brittle | Easy Peanut Brittle | No Fail Peanut Brittle | Peanut Brittle with Raw Peanuts | #Peanuts #PeanutBrittle #ChristmasCandy #Christmas #Thanksgiving