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a woman with long hair wearing a black bow tie and holding a lit candle in her hand
Dark Academia Aesthetic
an open book on a table next to two oranges and a gingerbread in a mug
Merry Christmas with a bookish aesthetic and a cozy mug!
Cozy christmas bookish vibes #christmasbooks #cozychristmas #christmasmugs #bookishfeatures #bookish #bookaesthetic
an open book sitting on top of a pile of books next to a lit candle
Emily Wilde’s encyclopedia of fairies
The perfect cozy autumn reading 🥰
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a cup and saucer
Cozy autumn reading 📚🧡
Chanel, Aesthetic Chanel, Chanel Gabrielle, Gabrielle Chanel, Girl Aesthetic, In This Moment
That girl aesthetic chanel gabrielle
a woman holding a book in her hands while wearing a white shirt and lace collar
Which is the perfect book to start September? The animals at Lockwood Manor, a gothic novel by Ja...
Gothic novel
a person is reading a book next to a cup and saucer
Home Self Care
#aesthetic #selfcare #cozy #slowliving
#lightacademia #lightacademiaaesthetic #simpleretro #vintageaesthetic #thatgirlfeed Light Academia Aesthetic, Henry David Thoreau, Light Academia, Vintage Aesthetic
“Come sembra distante ora la primavera, forse più lontana che mai giacché questo caldo e questa a...
#lightacademia #lightacademiaaesthetic #simpleretro #vintageaesthetic #thatgirlfeed
a table topped with lots of papers and a candle
Our souls at night
a woman holding a book and a cup in her right hand while wearing a pearl necklace
Victorian Lady
#royalalbert #balletcore #lightacademiaaesthetic #cottagecore
an image of a candle on top of some paper with writing and flowers in the background
Romantic Aesthetic
#romantic #romanticaesthetic #lightacademiaaesthetic #vintagesoul #vintageaesthetic
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a saucer next to a stack of books
Spring cottagecore coffee
there is a book and two plates on the table
Alice in wonderland aesthetic