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Spicy Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca -
Virgin Watermelon Margarita -
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DIY Wainscoting renovation. I didn't think installing wainscotting would be so easy. Here is some inspiration, a how to, and my secret to getting started. Wainscoting paint color is Benjamin Moore Cloud White. Walls are both Revere Pewter and Classic Grey
Puukko - Karesuando Boar - Karesuando Knife Factory - Visit them with #TransunTravel
Wayne Morgan Knives.
"Hrafn" Viking axe
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How to Find True North Without a Compass — Basic survival skills are essential for anyone living off the grid, whether it’s by choice or in a SHTF situation. In the event that you have to navigate without landmarks, technology, or even a compass, you need to know how to find true north.