Vesa Seppänen

Vesa Seppänen

Vesa Seppänen
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How to remove Sugru. Useful if you need to revise your hack. (Note: it won't come off absorbent materials, such as fabrics)

Add a compass to your bike handlebars

Use sugru to securely attach a compass to your bike handlebars - stop getting lost and keep going in the right direction!

Label your plugs with leftover Sugru

make it easier to find the right plug by using a little bit of leftover Sugru and marking each plug with a letter.

Create a shopping list pencil holder

Create a shopping list pencil holder

: Reusable Paper Towel Tutorial

Reusable Paper Towel Tutorial: one quick and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and go green is to ditch conventional paper towels and use cloth towels. They can be simple kitchen towels, or cute and eye-catching like this fun DIY project!

log lights

Nice lighting for wood light fixture ideas! With inspiration from traditional Scandinavian techniques, materials, folklore, and wooden tradition this lamp could be a pendant or floor one. As obvious as handmade tolls once were in our everyday life.


Heatproof Your Mug With Creative Sugru Designs!

Magnetise the corner of a tea towel so that it sticks to you fridge or dishwasher. Great Instructable using Sugru.

It's incredibly satisfying to watch a tea towel fly across the kitchen and snap onto the fridge door.

Minimalist Running Socks - Socks with Rubber Soles. A Barefoot Running Alternative.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make rubber soled socks for minimalist running. A barefoot running alternative

Make your pepper grinder easier to use

Make your pepper grinder easier to use