3D Paper Caterpillar Craft

3D Paper Caterpillar Craft with Template

2. Eräänä aurinkoisena päivänä pikkiriikkinen, savuava lohikäärmeenpoikanen lennähti kädelleni. (Mitä tapahtuu seuraavaksi? Entä sitten? Entä sitten? Entä lopuksi?)

Funny pictures about Baby Night Fury. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Night Fury. Also, Baby Night Fury photos.

Writing Prompt: You come home to this sight. The cat can talk, describe your conversation with this feline.

Writing Prompt: Why is the cat taking a bubble bath in the kitchen sink? Decide whether to tell the story from the viewpoint of the cat or a person. Include the setting, dialog, action verbs and lots of description.

Schrijf een verhaal over deze mier. Of: wanneer was jij trots op jezelf?

Writing prompt - write a story about an ant with supernatural strength.

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Writing Prompt:  All Dressed up and nowhere to go.  Pretend you are the squirrel, tell us a story about your day.

Funny picture of a squirrel wearing a scarf and a purse which are red.The only thing it needs is a hat, but unfortunately this animal has too big ears