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an intricate doily design is featured on a red background with glitters and sequins
a white doily on a blue and white checkered tablecloth with an ornate design
a happy birthday card with flowers on it
Design with Groovi Plates Handcrafted by Margaret Atkinson
an empty white plate with the words 3 rd emboss on the bowl in it
3 Step by Step Frill on the Back
two white flowers on a gray background with a lace border in the middle and an embroidered bow at the bottom
TT look at those beautifully done turn overs!
a card with purple flowers and butterflies on it
a drawing of a heart with flowers on it
a white doily with flowers and leaves in the center on a black background that says machine embroidery
Me voilà de retour au pergamano. C'est un modèle très simple mais qui rend très bien. - mamie dentelle
a painting of pink tulips on a white cloth with green stems in the center
���� #81 - �������. ��������� 5 - A-legria
a white card with flowers and butterflies on the front is decorated with pearls, beads, and sequins
a birthday card with white flowers and green leaves on the front, sitting on a lace doily