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These blueberry shortcake sundaes offer a summery conclusion to any meal. If you need to save even more time in the kitchen, just buy blueberry pie filling and thin it out with a little orange juice.

High Protein Vegan Fiesta Salad recipes

High Protein Vegan Fiesta Salad 1 Large Can Chickpeas 1 Can Blackbeans 1 Red Pepper 1 Large Avocado 1 Lime 2 Tbsp Agave 1 Cucumber 2 Cups Spinach 1 Box Quinoa (or 4 Cups) 2 Tomatoes 1 Tsp Cayenne Pepper (optional depending on how hot you like your salad)

locals can be seen carrying leather cases containing a thermos of hot water, the traditional hollowed gourd called a mate, a metal straw called a bombilla, and the dried yerba mate leaves.

Norte argentino.

Norte argentino.