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a yellow table topped with lots of cups filled with emotictive faces and numbers
De tafels ‘actief’ oefenen - KlasTools
Variación: poner en el vaso los factores y en la cartulina en resultado. Actividad 1: poner cada vaso encima del resultado correspondiente. Actividad 2: leer el vaso y decir el número resultante, levantar vaso para autocorrección.
a coloring page with many numbers and times on the pages, all in black and white
Orange and brown coloring pages -
Orange and brown Color by number coloring page
a drawing of a clock with numbers on the face and an arrow in the middle
Teaching aid for learning to tell time - ALLEN LORI A.
the color by number coloring page with numbers on it and an image of two different colors
Orange coloring pages -
Math color by number- This could be altered for different grades and/or abilities.
a coloring page with numbers on it and the words in each column below them are color - by - number pictures
Red coloring pages -
Colour by numbers
the number nine coloring page with numbers for children to color and cut out from it
Multiplication table in magical numbers. Таблицата за умножение в магически цифри
Multiplication table in magical numbers. Таблицата за умножение в маг…
the instructions to make times tables for kids and adults are shown in three different ways
mini Times Tables
MINI TIMES TABLES ready to print and use
a person using an ipad to play a game on the table with other people's hands
Kertotaulut - pistetyöskentely
Open ideat: Kertotaulut - pistetyöskentely
a sign that is on the side of a wooden door with different colors and words
Matikan sanallisen tehtävän ratkaiseminen - luokkaohje.
the diagram shows different types of shapes and sizes
Avaruuskappaleiden ominaispiirteitä.