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a zebra print dresser sitting in front of a window with a lamp on top of it
Upcycled Painted Vintage Retro & Modern by StudioTwentysevenCo
an animal's skull decorated with plants and succulents is shown against a white background
Bull Skull, Succulent Decor, Cow Skull Wall Decor, Southwest Decor, Cow Skull Decor, Painted Cow Skull, Succulents, Cow Skull, Cactus, - Etsy
two skulls are sitting next to each other with plants growing out of their heads on top of books
Halloween Skull Planters - DIY in PDX
Keep it spooky with these DIY black Halloween skull planters.
a skull planter with succulents and flowers in it on the ground
Repurposed Halloween decoration into a succulent sugar skull planter...love it!
a room with skulls and deer heads on the wall, plants in vases next to it
a living room with green couches and animal print rugs on the floor next to a mirror