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131 Actionable Ideas from Ten Books I Wish I Had Read Ages Ago

But if you only have seconds time blocks, here is a list of times to go through the actionable ideas from each book.

California Mansion minecraft house modern building ideas

Built by NikolaPFC. This house if rather fitting if you’ve ever visited California. Lots of rich neighborhoods and houses this style on top of each other. Great double story house with a dram…

11 Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Creating new content is a lot of hard work but repurposing is a smart work. So if you are thinking of a new content strategy, here are 11 smart ways to repurpose your content

Clever Kebab allows you to quickly and easily make 16 perfect kebabs in just minutes, without the mess. Layer your ingredients, insert skewers and slice.

Clever Kebab Premium Kebab Maker with Knife Sharpener Citrus Juicer & Stainless Steel Skewers The Tool Fathers Use Every Day, Blue

By developing a data-driven content strategy, you are ensuring the content…

JBH Agency have designed a beautiful step-by-step infographic showing you exactly how to build your data-driven content strategy: all you need is 24 hours, a few free tools and one clever human.

Mead or honey wine as it is sometimes known is pretty much made in the same way…

Mead or honey wine as it is sometimes known is pretty much made in the same way as wine (which is actually very simple to do), except you use honey in place of grapes or other fruit. For mead to be at its best, you really need to let it sit and mature fo