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Brother sister photo session! Jen u must do this shoot if u have a baby girl!!.. Whenever u get preggo

Oh my, this is so precious. This is the cutest sibling photo ever. I do hope to have my first child as a boy and then eventually a girl. Big brother will take care of little sister.

" Now and again I'll wonder if we should have a third, but our boys are such a lovely little handful, we think we'll probably stop here. Plus, when I think about our family, it feels like everyone is here. It feels like our family was meant to be this way. I don't feel like we're waiting for anyone else, if that makes sense." I LOVE the way @Joanna Goddard phrased the way it felt to decide/feel the number of kids to have. Words to remember if/when I get there.

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful:- & FAMILY PHOTO IDEA - Hop in bed Mum & Dad and family -dress in whites and greys and creams -very adorable By Stefano Azario

Lemon-Blueberry Breakfast Cake

blueberry buttermilk breakfast cake - Made used fresh ground flour and frozen blueberries. It took 15 min longer than recipe called for to cook. It was tasty, but the kids wouldn't eat it, which I don't understand because it was cake!