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Hair inspiration #5

I want this hair color! I use Coconut Oil in my hair once a week. Let it soak for 45 minutes, then wash your hair. It's soo amazing what it does to your hair. Also Hair, Skin & Nail vitamins helps your hair grow thicker and faster

This is getting close to perfect. Something between light pink and lavender, but maybe not lilac. Hair inspiration #4

Everything here screams cute and girly. The cotton candy curls, the big bow, the pretty pastel nails. I need a guy to turn into a pretty pink princess!

Hair inspiration #2 ...but something a bit more lighter, maybe?

Warm honey blonde hair for fall and other fall hair color trends. (my hair came out like this after using One & only hi lift neutral blonde w/ 30 developer.had years of washed out red dye in dark ash blonde natural it!

Love this smoky eye look.

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Smoky eyes.

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