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a drawing of a person with a book in her hand and a hat on their head
Elf Wizard, Ian Randall
a drawing of a person with a bag on their shoulder and an elf's head
an animal with its mouth open and it's head up in the air, as if
an anime character with black hair and glasses holding a cell phone in her right hand
Art Girls by Eri Cruz (EllieMapleFox)
Goblin Art Dnd, Warlock Dnd, Hob Goblin
a black and white photo of a bear with its mouth open
Dive into a world where mystery and allure reign supreme. These captivating portraits pay homage to the gothic aesthetic, where tattooed souls, billowing smoke, and the embrace of all-black ensembles meet the art of dark makeup. Punk, Portrait, Gothic, Portraits, Gothic Characters, Cyberpunk Girl, Gothic Girls, Gothic Aesthetic
Gothic Babe Portraits
These inked masterpieces on their skin tell stories of resilience, passion, and individuality. Tattoos, like chapters in a novel, are etched on these gothic canvases.