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sun tattoo

Other Pinner said: "Never really sure what I want for a tattoo, but I'm starting to have ideas about getting a small sun somewhere. Nothing makes me happy like a sunny day, so why not put a sun on me to remind me of what makes me happy?" Love it

CRANANAS.  Rémi Andron from France was asked by a friend to reinterpret a tattoo. The name “CRANANAS” is a mixture between the two French words: “crâne” for skull and “ananas” for pineapple. It’s drawn with a black ball pen on pale yellow paper.

'CRANANAS is an anamorphic representation of a skull and pineapple by Rémi Andron from the French art direction and graphic design studio FLOZ. Rémi is a master with a Bic ball pen, the detail he gets is incredible.


Is hypnosis mind control being used in top secret government programs? Can I be hypnotized against my will? What about Stage Hypnosis Shows?

psychedelic skulls - Google zoeken

Have you ever had a marijuana brownie and your skull felt like it would explode? It is important to have the right amount of THC to get high, not sick!