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33 most amazing and beautiful abandoned places in the world | Viral Cloud

*I love abandoned amusement parks - they are so wonderful and dark its very cool* The abandoned Wonderland Amusement Park outside Beijing, China

Baby Nearly Eats Live Budgie !! | Viral Cloud

Parakeet and Baby Play Adorable Game of "See Who Can Eat the Other One First"

elevator, elevator accidents, elevator deaths, elevator injuries, lift injuries, lift deaths, crushed to death by elevator, man falls down elevator shaft

These Elevator CCTV cameras catch the moment elevators go wrong, causing horrific injuries and death. Be warned, graphic horrific elevator deaths are shown.

Guy builds worlds fastest fidget spinner in his workshop, gets it to spin over 99999rpm. wow that's fast, watch full video here.

Guy builds worlds fastest fidget spinner in his workshop, gets it to spin over wow that's fast, watch full video here.

hot weather hacks, summer hacks, 10 summer tips, keep cool, hot weather, summer, hot, summer drinks, hot weather tips

Watch these 10 nifty tricks to help you keep cool in hot weather. These 10 keep cool hot weather hacks are genius, you wish you knew them before!

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We all want to live better and be healthy, but sometimes struggle, or don't know how? This live better healthy lifestyle list video will show you.

e-cigs, vaping, e-cigarettes, is vaping bad, are e-cigs bad, smoking vs vaping, stop smoking, help with smoking

E-cigarettes are the most innovative and promising smoking-cessation product yet invented. So what's wrong with e-cigs?

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The answer she was given was brutally harsh and truthful, watch Muslim woman's question destroyed live. political correctness gets thrown out the window!

Video about the new online Apple Iphone scam 2017 and what to look out for.

An amazing and interesting video how the Horseshoe crab probably saved your life using its unique blue blood! video of the Horseshoe crab.

10 Dark secrets brands hide from you!

Cross between a praying mantis and a wasp! Here is the dreaded Mantidfly!

Half Praying Mantis, Half Wasp Is Both Creepy and Cute - Bites @ Animal Planet