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an advertisement for ra mavit with a man in a suit and hat holding a rope
RaMaVit Kotiliesi 1961
an old book is sitting on the table
an old advertisement for hota vodka with a man holding a bottle in his hand
Hota (1934)
an old man wearing sunglasses is featured in the ad for omo's new eyewear line
Jomo krapulalääke
an old advert for the hemo star brand, with text in english and spanish
an old advert with two women and a man in the kitchen, one holding a bottle
Joulumainoksia vuosien varrelta | Aikakone
an old advertisement for some kind of chocolate bar with cartoon characters on the front and back
Isäntä sanoi … | Aikakone
an old ad for valimoo water with six bottles in it's center
Kori 7 veljestä
four different colored plastic handles on white background
Komeron lukosta tuli retrohitti