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Hansa Days in Tartu

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Toome Hill (Toomemägi)

Toomemägi was a gift from Emperor Paul I to the University of Tartu – having previously been used by townsfolk to graze cattle.

Tähtvere Recreational Park

Tähtvere Recreational Park

Tartu Inglisild (Angel’s Bridge)

Tartu Inglisild (Angel’s Bridge), Estonia

Sculpture Oscar Wilde and Eduard Vilde

Sculpture Oscar Wilde and Eduard Vilde, Estonia

Raadi Park

Raadi Park is one of the best examples of park design in the history of Estonian manor parks. The oldest plan of Raadi Manor Park, which has survived until today, dates back to the middle of the century.

Tartu Jaani (St. John’s) Church of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church

John’s Church of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Estonia

Tartu Von Bock House

You will certainly notice the Von Bock House at Ülikooli 16 in the centre of Tartu, which used to belong to Oberst MJ von Bock. The University of Tartu bought the building in The house was.

Main building of the University of Tartu

Minu Alma Mater- Tartu Ülikool - the University of Tartu

Tartu Town Hall Square

Tartu Town Hall Square is the trapeze-shaped central square of Tartu, surrounded by classical buildings. The current town hall is the third building that has been erected to that spot.

Tartu Püssirohkukelder (Gunpowder Cellar)

Restaurant Püssirohukelder, which was used as a gunpowder cellar until can be found right on the slope of Tartu Toomemägi. It was built in 1767 in the moat that separated the Episcopal Castle from.